We should all do our personal part, turn off electric stuff when we don’t use it. Don’t shower too long and often. Eat less or no meat. Public transportation, electric cars etc, etc..

But other then that, what could we start/do? Start a hashtag #SaveThePlanet or create our own collective non-profit and DO something, start protest, donate money, what is a better and more direct idea/solution to this (‘boring’) but sooo important issue that we have going for us and our children.

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Firefox is the democratic party of browsers.

@alex I think John Maddog has made the same complain but I'm not sure.
(he a famous hacker and open source advocate)

@compass_straight_edge yes i can already understand almost all code, but if i want to write code I need the fucking manual in one hand. It's frustrating beyond belief.

@alex On the programming language matter, I can suggest that you study algorithms and data structures instead.Once you know that, you will see that all programming languages are the same tool from different brands.
(Ofc, some break easily and others have a life time warranty)

@compass_straight_edge actually it's more like there isn't enough space in my brain to learn all the stuff I would like to have instant access to without using google ex: a programming language. Other than that the only true instant access knowledge I have is merely business knowledge and useless trivia.

I assume most people here have more projects and things they want to learn than they have free time.
What guidelines do you use pick what to do and what not to do?

@tuxcrafting also I'm not necessarily an expert but at some point in college I learnt that intent of movement can be seen before the actual thought of said movement. As in before you realise that you want to move your hand the impulse has already been measured.

@richford You and my father might get along. He is a physics professor working in neuroscience.


I'm a new postdoc at the University of Washington eScience Institute. My PhD is in physics but I'm transitioning to developing statistical learning techniques/software for neuroimaging data. More info at autofq.org/.

I'm a fan of open science and reproducibility. I enjoy climbing, hiking, and growing up all over again with my daughter.

I'm looking to engage with people with similar research interests and who can help me further develop myself as a data scientist.

I'm excited to be here on this platform! I'm really not a fan of the company facebook, I used to love Instagram but now that's been tainted by FB. I'm opting out of the mainstream and into decentralization.

@Ruzindla You should look into friendica. Mastodon is more of a twitter alternative. I'm gonna shut up now since I don't want people to think i'm some kind of friendica fanatic.

@Pokimaru as Eddie Murphy said: "I want half eddie, you motherfucker"

Fedora Project

Fedora test week
Monday, June 22, 2020 through Monday, June 29, 2020

Even if you've never contributed to #opensource before, you can help test the latest #kernel in #Fedora at the Test Week starting June 22. Learn how in this Magazine article: fedoramagazine.org/contribute-
#community #linux


#fedora #linux #test #week

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