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I'm excited to be here on this platform! I'm really not a fan of the company facebook, I used to love Instagram but now that's been tainted by FB. I'm opting out of the mainstream and into decentralization.

Fedora Project

Fedora test week
Monday, June 22, 2020 through Monday, June 29, 2020

Even if you've never contributed to #opensource before, you can help test the latest #kernel in #Fedora at the Test Week starting June 22. Learn how in this Magazine article:
#community #linux

#fedora #linux #test #week

stop using chrome, at least use firefox which only passively antagonizes you in easily controllable ways

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What is the most frustrating thing about running your own business?

Interesting fact of the day. In ancient egyptian culture the saying "Eaten the heart" was a reference to grieving without justification, which was one of the mortal sins that would keep you out of their version of heaven.

It was one of the negative confessions recited by the dead during the weighing of the heart against the feather of Maat (sometimes called the feather of truth).

#history #Egypt #QotoJournal


Am trying to grow grapes this year, because why not? The variety is called 'Strawberry'. I have no idea if any actual fruit will happen but it's exciting to find out.

The actual strawberries in the other photo are called 'Marshmello' , which amuses me unreasonably.

thinking about the ridiculous levels of bioessentialism in Wheel of Time, like not just in the setting's formal magic system, but like all the little world-building details.

like making a big deal about a female main character who always wears pants and refuses skirts/dresses and how the author always refers to her pants as "men's breeches" never just "breeches".

or the belief that a man could never be king of andor because the throne is too small for their huge, muscular frames

So I've noticed this trend recently where they focus on heterosexual relationships in movies and TV series.

OK, I get it, this is a man-woman couple, political correctness and everything.
But why are you trying to shove it down my throat?
Why there are these long completely unnatural cringe-inducing scenes of them kissing?
Does it really matter for a plot that they are of different genders?
Does some conservative speech police force you to put heterosexual couples everywhere?


When I want something from my wife, I just ssh into her PC and run some espeak

you could die living off-grid, and that's fine. like, its about as probable as dying on a long backpacking trip to a wilderness area. definitely possible, but you'll be fine as long as you don't fuck up.

so don't fuck up ๐Ÿ™‚

that's 1000x better than a lifetime of grinding under the wheel of capitalism let me tell ya. sure its safer, but fuck that existential dread.

#deletefacebook #deletewhatsapp #deleteinstagram #FuckFacebook #fucksnapchat 

I deleted my facebook 2 week ago.. disable my Instagram so no one can claim my name. Deleted WhatsApp start using getsession, signal and xmpp. Oh yeah deleted snapchat app and abandoned the account.. what else, Oh I removed gmail account off my phone! Everyone should check out and do the same!

It turns out there is a 'general complaints department'. It's called the internet.

smh never using "enterprise" linux ever again, fuck this shit. totally useless
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